Things are going down

Yes. Things are definetly going down. Not down like Newton figured out, but down as the stuff you get from the birds. Goose to be exact.

Last week an UPS delivery guy paid a visit to me. A long waited package from the US of A. Well… waiting for any packet usually feels like eternity. So what was there in this magic box of theirs? There was this:

Me and my down

Looking pretty smart, eh?

Seriously, this thing I’m wearing is down jacket and down pants by Marmot. Actual models are “8000m Parka” and “8000m Pant” respectively. These babes should keep me warm practically anywhere on the planet by the natural insulation provided by geese. Sorry some animals had to go, I think. No sure really if the kill the goose or what. I’ll bet on the killing part. Remember reading somewhere that plucking the down of a bird while still living is a big no-no. Dunno, but atleas they say on the website that: “we only use the finest quality certified goose down” and you can count on everything you read in the Internet, right?

I’ll probably get into more details about my party suit as I get time to do so. Sadly it looks like we’re out subzero temperatures for this season, so I won’t able to test how these perform in real field test. But I’ll get back to this lately, but I can already say that: “Boy, those storage bags are massive”.

In the meantime you can check out some pictures (real fuzzy ones, sorry) from our little evening “cusade” to Nuuksio rock climbing wall. I noticed week ago on Sunday on the way back from a separate hiking trip to Nuuksio that theres some nice looking ice just by the road. We decided take a go on that. Sadly the warming temperatures had taken its toll and the ice was quite bad, just soft slosh, but occasionally somewhat better stuff you can actually call ice. Anyway check out the pictures about how bad we still suck on ice.

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