Grossglockner is on tomorrow

Tomorrow it begins – the first trip of this summer/fall period- and I’m off for Austria and Grossglockner.

It will be an early start tomorrow to meet up with the others of our group at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and then we’ll just have to wait and see when our flight will leave. As you might not know (or you might), the flight control personnel are planning to put up a strike scheduled to start tomorrow. Just in time for our trip. Luckily we don’t have such a tight schedule and we can spare a few hours if needed for delays, but let’s hope we won’t have to. Fingers crossed.

As I have told earlier, our plan is to fly to Munich tomorrow and then drive from there with rental minivans to Austria and then onto Grossglockner. We’ll do some grocery and last minute gear shopping in Munich on the way to both reduce the flight cargo weight and replace all the missing gear we might have left  behind. Then it will be going up to the mountain and checking out what to do. We are hoping to do the first climb on Thursday, but right now the weather does not look too good. Wednesday morning and early afternoon should be clear so you never know if we might try to push up already then. We’ll see.

Anyway we’ll try to bag everything there is to bag at Grossglockner by Saturday or by Sunday at the latest, and then we’ll be off to do some Via Ferrata perhaps or rock climbing if the weather permits. The return flight is scheduled for Thursday evening next week so we’ll most probably head back to Munich sometime Thursday morning or afternoon. That gives us  many days to do some other activities too or just go sightseeing.

On the way I won’t be able to send any proper blog posts, but I have managed to put up some kind of a Twitter integration and I’ll be sending some messages via that. The integrations should then create posts of the Tweets. Hope it works. I haven’t really had a chance to test it.

Then I have added a page which shows my location from the tracks of my Spot Messenger device. Don’t worry about the error message at the top, it should disappear when I have managed to accumulate some data.

Thats all I have to say before my trip, wish me good luck. Especially for the weather 😀

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