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Overnight at Haukkakallio

In the spring, my friend Harri mentioned that they are planning to do an overnight climbing/camping trip with his kids (aged 14 and 11, I think). He asked for some suggestions on the place and I gave few, including the … Continue reading

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Back in the game

It has passed more than a year from my last post. Too long, yes, and much have happened in the time between. Last spring I was very much looking forward for my second alpine trip in early July with my Swiss … Continue reading

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Pocket muscles? What pocket muscles?

So, back home again from the warm and sunny Spain. Well.. it was sunny alright, but with the temperatures floating around +5 and having to scrape the car windscreen on the last morning from frost, I would not call it … Continue reading

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Grossglockner story and a little bit more

Three weeks ago I came back from the trip to Grossglockner which eventually meandered to Italy as well and now I have manage to process things through and put them in writing. As chronological order is usually the easiest to … Continue reading

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